The chairman tired

The chairman tired
The chairman tired

I got what I wanted. But I'm bored. If only j'savais write, hop to retirement, up to youth!, And a small corner of Correze, where I have no concrete j'attaque my memoirs, fifteen volumes at least. It would sell like hot cakes among the militants. But no, j'sais not do, I was running the meetings, shake hands, make promises. And for all that, I spent age.

The spiritual son

Not an extremist. Oh not it! As a moderate right, human, almost humanist! The discussions, the major lyrical flights, not its kind, sir believes more interpersonal. Relations. When some clamaient renovators, scribouillard reassured caciques, with the proper sophistry that it was unnecessary to touch the customs inherited from the former tested. Young and old already. Mr. necessarily has flirted with all tenors, even episodic, from the right. Each horse could be the best! Vane? No, it's the wind that ... revolves
He still felt lost after so many canassons spans. After so many betrayals. So, in a final going-all desperate, sir misa bourriquot on an old, ranked ultimate losers in the polls. And it was the victory! Reward: a morocco.
He will be minister, manager, bureaucrat little picky. Attentive: especially not slip. It would surely not a second chance. His summit? Who knows!

Power is tired at the end of the second seven. The state and the country in symbiosis: France took a blow old, the baby boomers sixty years old, the president ventripotent, embittered, "I will not be heroes" would calm or shine. And it's boring everyday worries: his prime minister managed to spray the unpopularity of the first of his first term! Then one morning, after the talk to ducks, just for fun he annotates the coast of Ministers, and decides: I raise the least unpleasant. Not him anyway, love the horse but I can do more, his mimicry to Sabatier, who remembers that! And it!, Fine-ah friend, go shopping for mister ass. They have what they deserve. And our dear MAGOUILLEURS so pampered retired two years later ... he returned to the Elysee.
But quickly moving too fast. His former parliamentary committed updates an old file tested in 1986, and students invade the streets. But the extreme-right infiltrating the movement and demonstrations degenerating: five dead, seven the next day and then twelve, twenty. The civil war. Polls demanding the restoration of order. The fighting spread province. The polls are calling for elections. Go to elections! As in 1968 predicts his entourage.
The coalition government, a clear downward trend, however, point top, 42%, the Socialist movement following at 31, the neo-fascists to 19, the Communists peak at 5. The neo-fascists and calling plastronnent posts, the president said intransigent. The second government without majority held four months. Back to the polls: 40, 36, 12, 8. The neo-fascists, whose armed gangs spreading terror, are in free fall. The president is confident it will find its stability there! Especially not the left. Even the "children of Jacques." "Politics is a right side, the other left." So with some folding recover the "neo-fascists." He believes in the policy of recovery by the Republic of black sheep. Especially that the "neo"-fascists, conciliatory, accepting the latter roles.
Some voices, even on the right, yelling that history will repeat itself if the wolves into the fold. We are not in Germany, we are no longer in the twentieth century ...
Yet the president incompetent let fanatics transmute the Ministry of Youth and Sports in packaging organization and propaganda ... Just like Adolf Hitler, the rise will be "legally" through parliamentary ...

Whoever compromise, give an ounce of power to a spiritual son of Hitler will be a spiritual son of Hindenburg, president of the Reich in 1933. Hitler also never won any election, he took advantage of timidity, poor, small calculations installed. Fascists have always used the laws of democracy to destroy it.
Le président fatigué


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