The couple in town

The couple in town

To the question "three terms what is your definition of Love", they had responded to a type in the street who claimed to work for a sociological institute:
- Look in the same direction
- A search for absolute
- We
They s'aimaient, madly, inseparable since the first day, four years ago and wanted to finally live together in house, even small, with a garden behind, even minuscule, a few kilometers from the city or in a quiet They formulated their requests each week and devoured the cloth distributed free of ads. But such homes are often rented and the limited market beyond their financial capabilities; two salaries slightly above the minimum wage offers little hope their avouèrent, sometimes sincerely apologizes for this situation, some blondes discolored agencies also démarchées .
So tired of tendresses in a botched car, weeks at the hotel or at home with the paralyzing fear of "make noise", they threw their sights on an apartment. To begin. By saying they would save to quickly buy the dream house. They also spoke of another dream, south, if we were sure to find a job we darken, they claimed, sometimes thought, but would have remained: the idea shocked their families, "it is not" , "We would die of boredom without you", "do not be selfish", "feel a bit like us" ...

In the seventh floor they are finally home. On the tower opposite a neon lit red is the unconscious. They often defy this regard laundry, vowing that never, never oh no, they do not yield. And despite the double glazing, the motorway are forced to live TV or hi-fi alight. In addition to the noise, pollution requires, smog often visible to the naked eye, impossible to open a window or down the "mini park". They are like the others. As friends from high school, also reviewed with pleasure, as their new relations, colleagues, as neighbors sometimes cross in the elevator or parking. They are there to this little life almost comfortable. The needs are created, the credit card and consumer credit checks avoid wood. They still dream of a house but no longer little illusions. Should win the lottery! Of course they play. Of course they still love each other, swear and love until death, have three children, and make love light on, often at night because they wake up often at night, then they are a point fantasment which illuminated the night owls.

How many days can resist the love in a hutch? On Monday around 19 am 30, three weeks after her dismissal, she hosted as well, while an umpteenth time he returned drunk. She had suddenly realized that his life already resembled that of his mother, with whom she teenager fighting so often, accusing it of having failed to name any of principles "outdated", and that both wanted a real life, had vowed never sink into the monotonous train-train, it set the neon red, the last time she laughed while pestis "you made me a box yet," she thought "if I am a bird I enfourche the L, and gallop! ", it opened the window, he was out taking a shower, she knew this illusion that it no longer could live, but she tried
Le couple en ville


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