The manager and his subservient

The manager and his subservient
The manager and his subservient.

1989. A city of Pas-de-Calais. A meeting scheduled a week earlier. Three "colleagues": behind his desk in the big black leather chair, the manager, 44 years before him on chairs, the project leader (K), 43 years old, his right to an analyst programmer, 21 years.
So far the leadership expresses its appreciation for the work done during two fixed-term contracts consecutive by the young candidate for a fixed, exempt from national service through a process repudiated the other two (simulate unreason).
The manager is I who decides to your job, I have carte blanche. If you cut hair, you dress decently, I propose ...
The analyst programmer is less than now!
- The same thing, now you're hitting 10% of insecurity is all back on 14.16 months.
- You could make an effort.
- In two years with the common market, analysts pro-die Belgians will work in France for much less than that. In any case take it or leave it. But if you do not cut hair is me who does not sign.
- It is ostracism, abuse of power, you have no right to take your criteria for defining a job.
- Prove it. It is three here. K and tell him what I would say. Either you promise you cut your hair or you are out.
Yield sign and become like them? Leave? Still too young! What good talk. N'affronte not on a wall, it bypasses.
- I've already cut a little and this summer they will be short.
- You noted K.
K run, the date of his almanac superior quality, and often remind its specialist structured programming that promise. Faced with the abuse of power is legitimate lies! In this world we need to know bias.
After the summer, when aperitifs of Friday noon, the manager returned to the charge. Attempts to verbal abuse. The accused merely of a smile, "if you say that I have said is that I have said." Rather disarm by the irony that deliver an unnecessary fight. The contract was signed! Then the attacks stopped, the assailant had done it had cheated but lost and even increase it impertinent for "objectives achieved". Officially it pariait then time to see this excellent element in the back row, follow his route.

Since the manager has climbed to new levels in the hierarchy of the group, he left too small establishment of Pas-de-Calais. Applies Does the same methods? Is it still active? No one is without injuries and to hide. A relentless pursuit, running, always running, with the secret hope to end without being caught up in the past rejected.
The project manager expects retirement!, It has a bad reputation it dares to take his pension!, And the flowing fresh Fayot for each year get an increase led in two decades to pay unexpected. It is protected: the collective agreement would grant him three years' salary in case of dismissal. Perhaps in retirement he really speak ... or abandoned regret these years, for money, just for money, to a boss.
As an analyst programmer, promise teenager held hair, he left the computer
Le directeur informatique et son inféodé.


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